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Monday, August 28, 2006


I'm home, finally, and safe. Today has been a real b**l crusher. Nearly everything I've touched today has turned to crap. The scooter did get picked up but the shop was a man short today and so it didn't get worked on yet.

I had to hand deliver across town, pictures of the spouse's ID card because the fax machine effort couldn't deliver a readable product. I stopped at Circuit City to use their high-speed internet to get a confirmation number off of an email, for the boy because my laptop wouldn't connect at the deli where I normally can connect wirelessly. Then I couldn't reach the boy by cell phone because he was inside the book store, waiting for my call but not receiving a cell signal...

We did finally connect in time for him to collect the text books that were waiting on him and the confirmation number before the book store closed.

And while I didn't get my scooter fixed, I did stop into the shop for a bit and I was able to show the young mechanic Alex a trick for removing crankshaft keys without scratching up either the key or the crankshaft.

Then it was time to go back to school! Good grief!

Bed time now. Maybe tomorrow will be easier.

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